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  • CAT X Hallison Pillow Cases

    Available: 47


    100% cotton and screen-printed in Tasmania by Inkpot Studios. Designed by Patrick Hall and Diane Allison exclusively for Contemporary Art Tasmania.

    Limited edition of 60 sets | AU$50 (plus shipping)
    Each package contains a pair of pillow cases for all your snoozing needs.

    Patrick Hall and Diane Allison - Hallison Studios

    For artists and partners Patrick Hall and Diane Allison it's not only their names that blend perfectly - it's their art practices, too. As partners they often contribute to and collaborate on art projects and design concepts.
    With careers now spanning several decades, this creative Tasmanian couple continues to produce emotive and thought provoking artworks for exhibitions and commissions - both public and private. Their works cross disciplines and include contemporary jewellery, graphic design, photography, printmaking, sculptural furniture and large scale art installations.