17-Nov-2017 - 20-Dec-2017

Cut through the noise (echo chamber)

Selena de Carvalho

This video playfully explores fissures and cracks between an ideological representation and the consumption of the environment. For example, ‘eco porn’ and advertising generally portray romanticized landscapes free from pollution and industrialization, compared to lived experiences of wildness (such as getting lost in the Pyrenees) or seeking out nuclear reactors using Google maps. This project combines ‘natural’ and ‘man-made’ materials to draw attention to the power of the original and the copy, and references the fetishized notions of branding and symbols, as well as the inherent magic of technology.

Image: Selena de Carvalho, Cut through the noise (echo chamber), video installation, 2017, Project Space, Contemporary Art Tasmania.

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10-Mar-2017 - 28-May-2017


Ben Taylor

Coasting explores Ben Taylor’s interest in the sea both as a geographic edge and a reference point in time. The artist focuses on the seemingly mundane periods in time that
immediately proceed and follow an unusual event with the intention of transforming the images of these moments, through paint, to become something like a memory, one that is both familiar and strange.

Image: Ben Taylor, Coasting, 2017. Project Space. Photo : Lou Conboy.

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19-Jan-2017 - 05-Mar-2017


Tricky Walsh

Radio 33 commenced broadcasting on the 19th of January at 104FM at Contemporary Art Tasmania with works by artist and publisher Sarah Jones, curated by CAT Studio Resident, Tricky Walsh.
Tune in at 104FM. OPENS: 19 February 2017 | Continues until 5 March 2017 | The CAT Project Space is made available to studio residents for new work, experiments and works in progress

Image: Tricky Walsh, Radio33 Poster, 2017. Courtesy of the Artist

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26-Aug-2016 - 15-Oct-2016

Spectra Spectacular

Rahni Allan

Light is life. Light is a time traveler. Light is cartographer. Light is perception. Light is the speed limit of the universe.

Image: Rahni Allan, Spectra Spectacular, 2016

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26-Feb-2016 - 15-May-2016

Black Smoker

Eloise Kirk

Black Smoker is a quixotic exploration of human connection with nature, survival and the loss of the sublime. LOCATION: Contemporary Art Tasmania, Project Space

Image: Eloise Kirk, Black Smoker installation view 2016. Photo: Peter A Robinson

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