Image: Neil Emmerson, The Dream, 1997, laser-cut acrylic, lithography on tarlatan

26-Oct-2007 - 30-Nov-2008

This Is Not A Print Show


curators: karen Lunn & milan milojevic

location: plimsoll gallery, hobart (original location) and various touring venues

This is not a print show deals with contemporary innovative art practices that challenge traditional notions, format and use of the print. It is driven by an interest in the evolution of printmaking practice since advances in digital technology, and through the challenges brought to the medium by concept driven (as opposed to discipline specific) art practices. Six contemporary Australian artists are showcased in this exhibition, each bringing with them a range of techniques as well as reflections on the world around us.

Traditionally, the function of a print was to inform and educate the masses. Over the years printmaking has transformed into more than an education or advertising tool and is now valued as highly as other art forms such as painting or sculpture.

The unique relationship that print has to technology has seen it develop as a highly adaptable form of expression with the capacity to reinvent itself throughout every age. It remains a powerful and prolific means by which to reach an audience and continues to play a critical role in facilitating education, instigating change, inciting revolution, or exercising control.

As print continues to occupy a dynamic position at the interface of art and life, it is therefore not surprising to find the artists in this exhibition have chosen to exercise their respective social, political, cultural and environmental concerns through the medium of print. Formal choice here is not merely symptomatic of the training each artist has received, but integral to the conceptual premise of each of their work.

Dr Karen Lunn

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