Image: Mandy Ord, Undergrowth, 2004, digital reproduction

14-Feb-2004 - 14-Mar-2004

The Dark Woods

curators: Sarah Howell and Leigh Rigozzi

location: carnegie gallery, hobart and various touring locations

The Dark Woods was an exhibition surveying current production by young Australian artists whose work culminates in publication through alternative comics. This genre articulates the concerns of youth and explores issues such as identity, being young, and trying to find a place in the world. 

The Dark Woods was a CAST Touring and Carnegie Gallery Mentorship Initiative and was curated by emerging curators Sarah Howell and Leigh Rigozzi, it included six young Australian artists whose work is published in zines (alternative comics) and related productions. Many of the narratives in alternative comic art can be seen to reflect the European fairy tale archetype, in which the protagonists journey through The Dark Woods: Red Riding Hood, Snow White, Hansel and Gretel. Many of the images the curators have been considering refer to a character traveling and observing: at times lost and directionless, trapped in menial jobs and struggling under economic disadvantage, or engaged in a quest. The individual’s journey is often presented in an urban context - reflecting the trials of modern youth.

This project received support through the Visions Australia; CAST Touring Exhibition Development Fund; Hobart City Council through the Carnegie Gallery exhibition program and Arts Tasmania.

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