Image: Sue Kneebone, Continental Drift II, 2012, Giclee print, 80 x 65 cm

04-May-2013 - 31-May-2015

Testing Ground

1491s, Ólöf Björnsdóttir , Trudi Brinckman, Darren Cook, Rebecca Dagnall, Sue Kneebone, Nancy Mauro-Flude, Jeroen Offerman, Perdita Phillips, r e a, Christian Thompson, Martin Walch, Siying Zhou

 Curator: Julie Gough

LOCATION: long gallery, salamanca arts centre hobart

A Salamanca Arts Centre exhibition curated by Julie Gough. Testing Ground is a compilation of investigative insights by artists on the nature of identity or persona, particularly in place. The terms identity and place are not fixed or comparative in this project, and the overall installation is intended to resolve as a circuit of uncertainty about notions of site and self.



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