Image: Carpe Diem, 2010. 40 x 40cm digital print. Edition of 3.

17-Aug-2018 - 17-Aug-2018

SOCA Art Forum: Craig Judd


Powerful Paradise is how Charis McKittrick describes the extraordinary life partnership that she enjoys with the artist George Schwarz. Charis is Australian. George is Swiss. They met in 1964 on the beach of Almuñécar Andalucía, Spain. This lecture by Craig Judd is an introduction to George and Charis' intense and poetic collaboration and art making which continues to this day. By way of context Judd will also touch upon ideas about Australian art history, gender, collage, nostalgia, art fantastique, and pleasures and pitfalls of The Life in Art.


Craig Judd is a man about town. He is also a highly respected curator, artist, cultural commentator and educator. He has been working in the Australian art world since the late 1970’s. Recent curatorial projects include “Photo-Retro Schwarz” at Blackeye Gallery Darlinghurst Sydney; “Dear Mr. Minister for Women” at Cross Arts Projects, Sydney; "Shotgun" a challenging exhibition and mentorship program, a partnership with MONA, Contemporary Arts Tasmania and Detached Cultural Organisation; "Extra Panic Averted " and “PSA- Public Service Announcements” exhibitions of his paintings at Damien Minton Gallery, Sydney and "Afghanistan; Hidden Treasures from the National Museum of Kabul", Art Gallery of New South Wales. Judd is also writing a monograph on the work of George Schwarz and Charis- "Powerful Paradise" and preparing a new exhibition of his paintings "Call and Response'

Craig Judd is in Tasmania courtesy of Shotgun. Shotgun is a partnership project between CAT, Detached and Mona.



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