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09-Sep-2018 - 09-Sep-2018

Shotgun 7: Triple Lives Roundtable - creating a wider ecology for your practice

Jasmin Stephens

Independent curator Jasmin Stephens will work with the Shotgun 7 finalists and explore how to create a wider local, national, regional and international ecosystem for their practices.

The workshop is intended to provide stimulus as participants think about their professional development objectives. It is envisaged that topics covered will include the development and care of networks and different kinds of organising. The problematic nature of the concept of ‘triple lives’ will also be considered. Over the course of the Roundtable, the input of colleagues from beyond Tasmania of different generations and who have taken varied pathways will be shared.

Jasmin Stephens is a Sydney-based independent curator and educator whose experience encompasses artistic, production and commercial activities. Following senior positions with Artbank, the Museum of Contemporary Art Australia (MCA) and Fremantle Arts Centre, she has contributed to programming conducted by institutions and led by artists across Australia and in Singapore, Thailand and Taiwan. As part of research platform Contemporary Art and Feminism, Stephens has recently worked with Alex Martinis Roe and Raquel Ormella at The Cross Art Projects, Sydney. Her work with established and early career artists including Minstrel Kuik, Charles Lim Yi Lo and Pinaree Sanitak informs her ongoing research into how ideas are circulating between Australia and Southeast Asia. A regular panel assessor and mentor, Stephens teaches in the Master of Curating and Cultural Leadership at UNSW Art and Design in Sydney.

Shotgun is a partnership project between Detached, Mona and Contemporary Art Tasmania.


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