Image: NAVA @ CAST. Photograph by Kylie Johnson

08-Oct-2012 - 08-Oct-2012


location: contemporary art tasmania

Kim Godwin, Projects Manager with NAVA (National Association for the Visual Arts) will be conducting the following professional development sessions at CAST:

Early Artist Career Development – what every artist should know

Early artist career development presentations include an overview of the issues that artists need to address or may impact them when establishing their career. Topics covered include:
• an overview of copyright and moral rights
• the establishment of copyright fee
• resale royalty
• marketing for artists, including the use of social media, writing media releases
• an overview of grants
• key cultural and political issues impacting artists
• the establishment of space.

This presentation draws on NAVA’s considerable resources including the Code of Practice for the Professional Australian Visual Arts, Craft and Design Sector and the Theory in Practice Series.

Social media for artist beginners

This session provides and overview the ways in which artists can use social media to promote their art practice, including a run down of the most popular social media sites and particular copyright issues to be aware of. Included are:
• How to prepare your social media strategy
• An overview of Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Flikr, video sites, blogs, Google+ and instragram,
• Social media etiquette and tips,
• Managing your online reputation
• Tools for time management
• Overview of copyright in the digital realm.

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