Image: Detail of artist's door carving. Courtesy of the artist.

17-Mar-2017 - 16-Apr-2017

Michael Schlitz: light memory, dark ground

light memory, dark ground is an evocation. An amalgam of dreams and natural systems, empirical knowledge sets and emergent lore, the work poses a visual metalanguage where nature is found to be magical.

The installation will comprise chalk, carving and ultra-violet light with a large, organic structure that references natural systems such as clouds, coral, mycelium and trees. An unnatural glow renders bifurcated twigs, sticks, and branches, networked into a reimagined organic form, as luminescent root systems or a lone night cloud. This dislocation of our known world is offered back as a way of considering how trees may remember and dream as they grow, change and evolve.

Presented as part of Ten Days on the Island.


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