Image: Natasha Tontey, Pest to Power, 2019. Courtesy of the Artist.

12-Oct-2019 - 12-Oct-2019

Manifesto of Tactile and Fanciful Tactics on How to Build a Speculative Future



Natasha Tontey presents a reading performance of Manifesto of Tactile and Fanciful Tactics on How to Build a Speculative Future and a screening of two films Almanak (2018) and Pest to Power (2019).

Natasha Tontey is an artist and graphic designer based in Yogyakarta and Jakarta, Indonesia. Interested in exploring the concept of fiction as a method of speculative thinking, through artistic practice, she investigates the idea of how fear, horror, and terror could be manifested in order to control the public. Her works have been shown internationally in Next Wave Festival 2016, Australia, Koganecho Bazaar 2015, Japan, Jejak-旅 Tabi Exchange, Indonesian Dance Festival 2018, Instrument Builder Project: Circulating Echo at Kyoto Art Centre and Other Futures: Multispecies Experiment 2019 in Amsterdam. Solo exhibition Almanak was held in 2018 at Cemeti Institute for Art and Society, Indonesia. In addition, as an online project, current artistic research on speculative future can be accessed here


In 2020/21 CAT will engage in a series of events, performances and collaborations, hosting the next edition of the Instrument Builders Project (IBP) in partnership with Volcanic Winds (IDN) and Liquid Architecture (MEL).

Tontey took part in the previous edition of IBP in Kyoto and will be returning to Australia in 2020/21 to take part in Instrument Builders Project 5 Tasmania.

Natasha Tontey is in Australia presenting a new work, Church of Xenoglossia, as a guest of Liquid Architecture. She will perform at Polyphonic Social 2019 in Melbourne, and as part of Performance Space's Liveworks program, Tricks of the Mouth, in Sydney.




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