Image: Milquebarth. Courtesy of the Artist.

10-Nov-2017 - 10-Nov-2017





Performance. Sound. Food.

Three Fridays in November.

3, 10, 17 November from 6pm


10 November, 6pm: FAIL

how can you tell for sure artist talk (5.30pm) and exhibition continues


EPIC FAIL, Performance Lecture, Chris Arneaud-Clarke

A famished looking coyote chases a speeding, birdlike blur across the desert. Through the wild inventiveness of his efforts, through the inexorability of his humiliations, his desperation is clear. He cannot die. If Bertolt Brecht's performance theory tells us why poor Wile E. Coyote's failures deserve to be called 'epic', the Roadrunner cartoons prompt a reconsideration of what Brecht himself regarded as the failure of his 'Epic theatre’.


Failing to Perform V2: The Limits of Growth, Performance Lecture, Dr Jane Polkinghorne

Dr Jane Polkinghorne reflects on failure through self-critiquing her attempts at performance art. Through utilising key signifiers and poses of performance art the form of the lecture illustrates the content as Polkinghorne grapples with failure as subject, style and experience while simultaneously exploring the role of body hair.


Milquebarth, sound performance

MPC and IPad aficionado beat maker, MILQUEBARTH collects madness, destroys floors and spits shame. Predominantly improvised and predominantly maniacal.




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