Image: Sharyn Woods, Between the Strands, 2013, wood, plaster, copper, straw, string Four panels

01-May-2013 - 01-May-2015

felt presence

Tasmanian Artists: Tara Badcock, Anita Dineen, Anne Morrison, Claire Needham, Rosemary O'Rourke, Sharyn Woods International Artists: Samantha Clark (Scotland), Irene Murphy (Ireland)

Curated by Devonport Regional Gallery’s Director Ellie Ray the exhibition reflects on how we make sense of our past and how we represent it in a way that is meaningful to our present. Ellie Ray observes that any representation of the past is by its very nature, a construct; interpretations of past events, people and places involve mediation on a range of issues including the meaning of the past in our present.

Eight female artists are presenting works that focus on an empathetic approach to the past – specifically female convicts transported to Van Diemen’s Land. Each artist delved into the stories and records of past female convicts – some focused on their namesake, while others looked more broadly at events that affected a number of female convicts. The resulting art works reflect varied responses – from the physical to the emotional, from presence to absence, from collective memory to personal memory – yet they all reside within an empathic space of a ‘felt presence’.

Felt presence is a Devonport Regional Gallery exhibition toured by Contemporary Art Tasmania. 

Devonport Regional Gallery is supported by the Devonport City Council and the Tasmanian State Government.


Anita Dineen, Find, 2013, Pendant of gold alloy and sterling silverAnne Morrison, Tho lost to sight..., 2013 Acrylic and water colour on paper, TriptychRosemary O'Rourke, Cloth for Margaret Fitzgerald 2, 2013 Charcoal on paper, 36 PanelsSharyn Woods, Between the Strands, 2013 Wood, plaster, copper, straw, string, Four panels

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