11-Aug-2017 - 11-Aug-2017

Felicia Atkinson: Artist Talk and Performance


improvisation, science-fiction, composition, chance, noise, abstraction and poetry

Contemporary Art Tasmania and Liquid Architecture welcome Parisian-born artist, poet and experimental musician Félicia Atkinson to Australia for the first time to undertake an almost two month tour, encompassing performances, talks, exhibitions, residencies and a publication or two, while travelling to numerous cities and regional locations.

Joining Félicia on this adventure will be her collaborator and co-publisher of independent imprint Shelter Press and curatorial platform Argument, Bartolomé Sanson.

Félicia Atkinson’s multifaceted work embraces improvisation, science-fiction, composition, chance, noise, abstraction and poetry. Her sound palette draws from the history of electronics, musique concrète, field recordings and improvisation through the use of guitar and piano, abstract distortions, text-sound and infra bass.

Atkinson’s recent album Hand in Hand has generated a great deal of curiosity, excitement and intrigue, with Fact Magazine writing “the dying bleat of obsolete technology, the crack and stutter of her own voice, the atonal clatter of intuitively-played instruments … Like the dystopian science fiction it references, Hand in Hand is bewitching, intense, meditative and at times, deeply unsettling.”

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