Image: Courtesy of Team Textiles

20-Oct-2017 - 20-Oct-2017

Collaboration: conversations on practice

Tricky Walsh and Mish Meijers, Ashley Bird and Mae Finlayson, Kylie Johnson, Patrick Sutczak.

DATE: Friday 20 October, 5.30pm
LOCATION: Sawtooth ARI - Level 1, 160 Cimitiere St, Launceston 7250


This symposium will focus on the role of collaboration in artistic practice today. Consideration will be given to the benefits and challenges of practitioners working in close alliance: how shared action may support knowledge building, influence identity and shape political structures.


Presentations by: Tricky Walsh and Mish Meijers – The Collector Project, Ashley Bird and Mae Finlayson - Team Textiles and Kylie Johnson - Artist to Artist. Followed by a panel discussion chaired by Patrick Sutczak.
The Collector Project is an ongoing collaboration between Mish Meijers and Tricky Walsh. The project is an examination of the psychological schema of their fictional obsessive character, Henri Papin.
Team Textiles is Ashley Bird and Mae Finlayson. The artists embrace textile construction techniques and experimental strategies towards the creation of audience-activated artworks.
Artist to Artist was a suite of four solo exhibitions – four artists curated by four artists. At Contemporary Art Tasmania. An aim of the project was to emphasize collaboration as a key strategy in idea generation and artwork presentation.
Collaboration: conversations on practice is a partnership project between Sawtooth ARI and Contemporary Art Tasmania.



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