Image: Courtesy of Hobiennale

10-Nov-2017 - 10-Nov-2017

Artist Talk: how can you tell for sure


Join us prior to our event LIVE: FAIL, at 5.30pm, for the how can you tell for sure artist talk presented as part of Hobiennale.  Priscilla Beck, Olivia Koh, Llewellyn Millhouse and Jake Preval will talk with curators Liam James and Grace Herbert about the exhibition. How can you tell for sure establishes an experimental platform from which to address the position of online media in relation to contemporary art practices. This project focuses on the ways we consume and (re)produce entertainment, information, images and art.

how can you tell for sure 


Priscilla Beck, Olivia Koh, Llewellyn Millhouse, Jake Preval, Brigitte Trobbiani

Curated by Grace Herbert & Liam James on behalf of Constance ARI for Hobiennale

Exhibition: 1 November - 12 November 2017


Hobiennale is a new festival bringing together artist-run initiatives and emerging artists from across Australia and New Zealand for 10 days of exhibitions, music, performances, parties and talks.




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