Image: Dexter Rosengrave, Brunch with the Birds (a performance for the camera), 2019, video still. Courtesy of the artist.

03-May-2019 - 03-May-2019

Anthropocene Noir: Artists and Curator Talk

SPEAKERS: Erin Linhart, Emily Parsons-Lord, Eva Nilssen, Dexter Rosengrave, Elissa Wilson

WHEN: 5pm, Friday 3 May 2019

LOCATION: Contemporary Art Tasmania



Finding a point of engagement with the Anthropocene is in a way a redundant endeavour, since by its very nature, we are all fully immersed in this dark and terrifying geological era already. With every purchase, every mouthful, and every car ride, we are driving the industrial processes that threaten our future survival as a species. When authoring artistic work about the overwhelming power and simultaneous helplessness that characterises our contemporary relationship with nature, it is perhaps more important to find a way of thinking that makes sense of our engagement.

- Eva Nilssen.


Join Anthropocene Noir curator Eva Nilssen as she speaks with presenting artists Erin Linhart, Emily Parsons-Lord, Dexter Rosengrave and Elissa Wilson on the occasion of the exhibition opening. The program consists of an introduction to the curatorial premise and an opportunity for the artists to speak about their work.
This public program is presented through the CAT Curatorial Mentorship program.



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