Image: Anne Mestitz, Lost, 2009

01-Mar-2012 - 31-Mar-2014

1:000,000 Mapping the Island

curators: Diane Perndt, Penny Carey-Wells


The touring version of Tasmania 1:100,000 Mapping the Island presents 46 works selected from the original installation that was part of the Ten Days on the Island Festival, 2009

The exhibition is supported by a extensive website which is a catalogue showing all the work, and allows the curators to upload new touring information regularly. Visit for more.

Invited national and international visual artists, and arts practitioners such as poets, chefs, wine makers, dancers, musicians, received a section taken from a topographical map of Tasmania. The brief was to respond with an artwork in paper measuring 29 x 29 cm square. The results include works that are the deeply personal, wonderfully witty and aesthetically masterful.

Paper has been pulped, printed, and painted; there are collages, drawings, and a myriad of mixed media solutions. Tiny pieces of mapped Tasmania reappear and reverberate throughout the images encouraging the viewer to engage with both the complexity of the art work as well as the beauty and intrigue of the island.

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