Shotgun is an awarded opportunity that supports the advancement of selected artist/s through a customised and intensive program of high-level industry access, production assistance and critical engagement.

Shotgun is a unique and flexible artist-development model. Described as a ‘shot in the arm’ or ‘fast tracking’ for artists, Shotgun sets out to enable development - that may take a number of years for individuals to self-organise – to occur over a short and concentrated period. The program has taken many forms throughout its seven editions, including: exhibition; mentoring; meetings with visiting industry professionals (artists, curators, producers, writers and gallerists): workshops; discussion events; symposia; interstate visits and commissioned texts.

The program is supported by a curatorium: Craig Judd, Detached; Jarrod Rawlins, Mona; Michael Edwards and Kylie Johnson, CAT and utilises partner organisation networks to bring identified expertise to Tasmania to work with the Shotgun artists.

While the program focus is on the selected artist/s, where possible shortlisted Shotgun artists are also invited to engage in the professional development and public programs.

The selected Shotgun 8 artist/s will receive: a presentation fee based on current rates, a materials allowance up to $5000 with further investment in a customised development program.



The Shotgun 9 schedule will be advised at a future date. It will be essential that the successful applicant/s be available to participate in activities across the program period.


Shotgun is open to artists at any career stage who reside in Tasmania. The selection process will be determined by a committee of industry professionals. From the submission stage a shortlist of candidates will be invited to interview for final selection. The program will then be determined by the Shotgun curatorium. Individual project models remain flexible throughout their development, just as the program broadly needs to remain flexible to accommodate an ever-changing art world.

It is essential that the successful applicant/s be available to participate in activities across the program period.

Shotgun is a public private collaboration between Detached Cultural Organisation, The Museum of Old and New Art and Contemporary Art Tasmania.

Submission requirements:

  • A one page text that includes: information on your artistic motivations - what drives your practice, an outline of what you would like to achieve during the program including ideas for new work and/or exhibition. You may also like to include a wish list of what you would like the Shotgun program to do for you and what Australian art industry professionals you would like critical input from.
  • A one page CV
  • Visual support material: up to 10 images of work completed within the last two years • Artists who work with multimedia, moving image or sound to provide Vimeo links. All examples of work must be clearly labelled, including the artist's name, title of work, date of completion, medium, size and a short description where appropriate.
  • Please submit your 1 page text and 1 page CV as separate PDF documents. Images to be grouped into a single PDF document. Additional material will not be accepted

    Our criteria are: excellence, ambition and timeliness


    Applications and enquiries to:

    CAT Shotgun Coordinator: Kylie Johnson –


    Past recipients:


    Shotgun 8 Eloise Kirk

    Shotgun 7 Grace Herbert

    Shotgun 6 Nadège Philippe-Janon & Robert O’Connor

    Shotgun 2014 Ross Byers, Dean Chatwin, David Hawley, Jason James, Tom O'Hern, Nicola Smith (non-exhibiting)

    Shotgun 2013 Mary Scott

    Shotgun 2012 Joel Crosswell, Lucienne Rickard

    Shotgun 2011 Amanda Davies, Andrew Harper

    Shotgun 2010 Scot Cotterell, Sara Maher, Cath Robinson


    Image: Nadege Philippe-Janon, Columba Livia (still), 2017, single channel video.