19-Mar-2017 - 28-Jan-2018

A decolonial geographic

Richard Bell, Jon Cattapan, Juan Davila, Kerry Gregan, Raafat Ishak, Penny Mason, Alex Pittendrigh, Jessica Rankin, Judy Watson, Megan Walch, Ruth Waller. Curated by Fernando do Campo

A decolonial geographic recalibrates the idealised and Romantic view of landscape. A touring exhibition, initiated by Devonport Regional Gallery and toured by Contemporary Art Tasmania

Image: Jon Cattapan, VALLEY KINGS (AND QUEEN), 2016 , Oil on linen, coutesy of the artist and Station Gallery, Melbourne

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11-Jan-2016 - 29-Dec-2017

Colonial Afterlives

Ewan Atkinson, Daniel Boyd, Charles Campbell, Maree Clark, Fiona Foley, Julie Gough, Hew Locke, Kent Monkman, James Newitt, Geoff Parr, Yvonne Rees-Pagh, Lisa Reihana, Joan Ross, Christian Thompson

For many artists colonial business is unfinished, and its legacies are raw; history is now, and it matters. Colonial Afterlives considers a range of contemporary responses to British colonisation from artists living in Australia, New Zealand, Jamaica, Barbados, Canada and Britain. Incorporating a diversity of views, indigenous and diasporic foremost among them, these range from melancholic eulogies to passionate commentaries on the complex legacies of British occupation. While the artists are all finely attuned to the histories and politics of their own region, the exhibition reveals profound and sometimes surprising confluences.

This project has been assisted by the Australian Government's Visions of Australia program.

Image: Christian Thompson Invaded Dreams 2012 From the Polari series C-type print 100 x 100 cm. Christian Thompson is represented by Gallery Gabrielle Pizzi Melbourne and Michael Reid Sydney and Berlin

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17-Jun-2017 - 15-Apr-2018

New Alchemists

Art Orienté Objet (Marion Laval-Jeantet and Benoit Mangin), Oron Catts & Ionat Zurr, Ian Haig, Nadege Phillipe-Janon, Michaela Gleave, Thomas Thwaites, Lu Yang

A Salamanca Arts Centre exhibition toured by Contemporary Art Tasmania - New Alchemists explores a diverse suite of works by Australian and International artists exploring ideas of futuristic biologies and post-human engagements within the broad intersections of art and science.
Paralleling a view of the artist as contemporary alchemist, the selected works channel experiences
beyond our accessible human and non-human worlds. Through play, ambiguity and provocation,
the works engage in narratives that collapse our sense of familiarity and embodied otherness with
the world around us.

Image: Art Orienté Objet, May the Horse Live in Me!, 2011 HD video 24 mins

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10-Nov-2018 - 13-Dec-2020

The Partnershipping Project

Anne Lord, Brian Robinson, Dadang Christanto, Damien Shen, David Mangenner Gough, Gail Mabo, Greg Lehman, Greg Leong, Hiromi Tango, Jamin, Joan Kelly, Karla Dickens, Lisa Garland, Lu Forsberg, Obery Sambo, Penny Evans, Ritchie Ares Dona, Rob Douma, Selena De Carvalho, Vanghoua Anthony Vue

THE PARTNERSHIPPING PROJECT (TPP) was conceived as a regional project to link Regional Artists, Regional Galleries, Regional Audiences and asks ‘Does Place Matter?' Curator: Professor Pat Hoffie
Associate Curator: Rosemary MIller // OPENS:6pm Friday, 9 November 2018 // EXHIBITION: 10 November 2018 - 16 December 2018 // LOCATION: Burnie Regional Art Gallery // The Partnershipping Project is a touring exhibition and continues at venues around Australia to finish in Burnie in December 2020.

Image: The Partnershipping Project touring poster. Photo: Lisa Garland, Woolnorth Bay, 2018.

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