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Contemporary Art Tasmania presents a range of public programs and special events developed to encourage debate, dialogue and thinking around contemporary art ideas and practice. The program can take the form of artist talks, discussion events, conferences, screenings, symposium, workshops and project specific events. Around 10 events are presented annually. These are often associated with the gallery program and are open to the public, artists and curators.

17-Aug-2019 - 25-Aug-2019

Np423b Sound Workshops

Dylan Sheridan

Sound workshops with Np423b: empty orchestra artist, Dylan Sheridan. Listen to light or make things move with these interactive workshops for artists, and artists and their children! DATES: 17, 18 and 25 August // LOCATION: Contemporary Art Tasmania // BOOKINGS ESSENTIAL

Image: Courtesy of the Artist

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31-Aug-2019 - 31-Aug-2019

The Roaring Forties

Julia Drouhin, Dylan Sheridan, Emily Sheppard, tarab, Sonnett.

​THE ROARING FORTIES is a temporary FM radio station and live concert between France and Tasmania.

Organised by Dr Julia Drouhin, the event is an audio conversation between the Structures Sonores Baschet and Dylan Sheridan’s exhibition Np423b: empty orchestra at Contemporary Art Tasmania.

During the two hour event audiences in Tasmania will be able to experience the sounds of Structures Sonores Baschet being played live, and broadcast from, Paris, by artists Rodolphe Alexis, DinahBird, Blenno Die Wurstbrucke Povera, Emile Boudghene, Angelique Buisson, Maya Boquet, Marco Dapic, Julia Drouhin, Frederic Fradet, Michal Mitro, Jean-Philippe Renoult, Lea Roger, Dexter Rosengrave and Valerie Vivancos, and performances at CAT by Dylan Sheridan, Emily Sheppard, tarab, and Sonnett. DATE: Saturday 31 August 2019 // TIME: 7-9pm // LOCATION: Contemporary Art Tasmania // A FREE EVENT

Image: Sonores Baschet, 2019. Photo: Julia Drouhin.

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