21-Sep-2018 - 21-Sep-2018

Dismantle at Light up the Lane 2018

Richie Cyngler, Sabrina Evans, Troy Melville, Sara Wright, Che Van Oh, Jordy Gregg, Harry Holcombe-James, Jasper Maxwell-O’Brien, Atak Ngor, Mary Scully and special guests.

This year at Light Up the Lane, DISMANTLE’s young experimental artists will take you on a live interactive photo-booth experience. Featuring improvised projection and sound, the experience raises questions about who we are and our relationship to each other and the things around us in a more-than-human world. WHEN: 6.30pm - 9.30pm Friday 21 September 2018 // WHERE: Mathers Lane, Hobart // A FREE EVENT

Image: Courtesy of Dismantle

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10-Aug-2018 - 12-Aug-2018

WaPa: Darwin Aboriginal Art Fair

The walantanalinany palingina (WaPa) program supported the first representation of Tasmanian Aboriginal artists to present their work at the Darwin Aboriginal Art Fair (DAAF). walantanalinany palingina (country all around: welcome) and the DAAF Project was generously supported by the Alcorso Foundation, Arts Tasmania’s Artsbridge program, the Australia Council for the Arts Chosen initiative and Contemporary Art Tasmania. DATE: 10 - 12 August 2018 // LOCATION: Darwin Convention Centre, Darwin, on Larrakia Country

Image: Vicki-Laine Green, Jeanette James and Lillian Wheatley with traditional and contemporary necklaces that were for sale at the DAAF. Photo: Jillian Mundy

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18-Jul-2018 - 25-Sep-2018


Richie Cyngler, Sabrina Evans, Troy Melville and Sara Wright

A multi platform partnership project between Contemporary Art Tasmania, Youth Arc and artist Sara Wright was aimed at creating extraordinary opportunities for young artists aged from 16 – 24. With a focus on screen culture, video production and open source technology, the intention was to investigate, dismantle and expose perceptions of identity, through various modes of creative process.

Participants of the Dismantle program gained access to a unique suite of exhibitions, festival programs and workshops in public and private art institutions led by associated artists and arts professionals.

Image: Courtesy of Fontaine Nfundiko

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18-Nov-2017 - 18-Sep-2017

The Ghosts of Nothing: Black Butterflies and Suicide

Sean Lowry, Ilmar Taimre, feat. Laura Purcell

The Ghosts of Nothing are an artistic collaboration between Sean Lowry and Ilmar Taimre. For this performance, Tasmanian artist Laura Purcell will present Black Butterflies and Suicide—the final scenes in Act III of In Memory of Johnny B. Goode—World Tour of Abandoned Gaol-Houses 2017. WHEN: 6pm November 18, 2017 // WHERE: Hobart Convict Penitentiary, Hobart, Tasmania // A FREE EVENT

Image: Courtesy Ghosts of Nothing

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10-Jun-2016 - 19-Jun-2016


Nancy Mauro-Flude

Avast me hearties! Weave ye way through a maelstrom of data highlighting piracy - both the eye patch and the information kind. Drift upon a sea of network traffic; non-human pirate girls will haunt you along the way. For those who embark on the Divination Maiden Voyage: you’ve been warned. MAIDEN VOYAGE: Friday 10 June 2016. ONGOING INSTALLATION: 11+12, 15 - 19 June 2016. LOCATION: Dark Park, Goods Shed, Macquarie Point, Hobart - Dark Mofo festival

Image: Nancy Mauro-Flude, Divination, 2016. Drawing: Cath Robinson

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