07-Jun-2019 - 14-Jul-2019


Tony Albert

Girramay/Kuka Yalanji artist Tony Albert will present solo exhibition Confessions for Dark Mofo 2019. The exhibition includes an installation of past iconic works alongside new commissions and his first performance work, a confession-style booth where Albert will have a one-on-one, non-verbal exchange with visitors to the gallery. The unique experience between artist and visitor will result in an artwork made in collaboration. The exhibition explores the artist’s experience of growing up within the Catholic Church and living with the contemporary legacies of colonialism.

OPENING: 6pm, Thursday 6 June 2019 // EXHIBITION: 7 June - 14 July 2019 // CONFESSIONS: 2-4pm, 7 June - 14 June // LOCATION: Contemporary Art Tasmania // A FREE EVENT

Image: Tony Albert, Pay Attention MOFO!, 2019. Glycee print and screen print with unique hand stencil. Courtesy of the artist and Sullivan & Strumpf.

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10-Aug-2019 - 08-Sep-2019


Dylan Sheridan

NP423 - Sheridan’s first solo show in a white-cube gallery context - is a modular environment of hacked, circuit-bent and repurposed domestic objects. The work evolved from the idea and experience of ‘misophonia’ – an irrational and intense dislike of certain sounds. The interconnected objects each express a cathartic transformation through the amplification and synthesis of the sounds and things that irritate and ‘drive Sheridan nuts.’
OPENING: 6pm, Friday 9 August 2019 // EXHIBITION 10 August – 8 September 2019 // LOCATION: Contemporary Art Tasmania // A FREE EVENT

Image: Dylan Sheridan, Study for 13 circuit-bent smoke alarms, 2019. Courtesy of the artist

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