28-Apr-2018 - 27-May-2018

The Blackest Spat

Tim Coad, Emma Magnusson-Reid, Natalie Mather, Eva Nilssen, Dexter Rosengrave

Curated by Linda Crispin for the 2018 CAT Curatorial Mentorship.

For The Blackest Spat, curator Linda Crispin provided a select group of artists a quantity of Semple's Black 2.0. The artists have then responded not only to its unique qualities but also to the idea that the paint was created by a "punk reaction" - Semple's passionate defiance of Kapoor's exclusive right to a colour - aiming to create an exhibition through which, in their chosen media, artists can communicate resistance, defiance and opposition.
OPENS: 6pm Friday 27 April 2018 // EXHIBITION: 28 April - 27 May 2018 // CONTEMPORARY ART TASMANIA

Image: Dexter Rosengrave, Back to Back, Back to Black, 2018, digital image (documentation of performance)

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17-Jan-2018 -

Three Scenes From In Memory Of Johnny B. Goode: World Tour (2014–2017)


Johnny B. Goode, from the Chuck Berry hit song of the same name, is reimagined as the popular seventeenth-century sad buffoon Pierrot. It’s an exhibition version of past performances that have ranged from rock opera to radio play and, most recently, a ‘world tour’ of mime-based performances. Send in the clowns. Presented by Contemporary Art Tasmania and Mona Foma 2018 // OPENING: Wednesday 17 January, 6pm // EXHIBITION: Thursday 18 January –Sunday 25 February 2018 // CONTEMPORARY ART TASMANIA // A FREE EVENT

Image: Found image courtesy of the Ghosts of Nothing

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