Contemporary Art Tasmania was originally formed from three separate art organisations: Chameleon in Hobart, Arthouse in Launceston (both artist-run-initiatives) and the Tasmanian National Exhibition Touring Support (NETS) agency. These organisations were brought together to deliver an integrated service on a state-wide basis under the name Contemporary Art Services Tasmania (CAST).

CAST was able to unite the originating organisations’ aims, make efficient use of infrastructure and resources and increase the effectiveness of existing programs and strategic initiative development. Originally housed in the Blundstone's building in Hobart, CAST moved to the current Tasma Street site in North Hobart in 1998.

In 2013, the organisation changed its name to Contemporary Art Tasmania to better reflect its role as the lead Tasmanian contemporary art organisation.

CAST is affiliated with national contemporary arts networks, Contemporary Art Organisations Australia (CAOs) and NETS Australia (National Exhibition Touring Support agencies) and is financially supported with ongoing funding provided through Arts Tasmania and the Visual Arts Board of the Australia Council (VAB). Triennial funding agreements were first established with Arts Tasmania in 1995 and the VAB in 1996.


To be recognised as a leading developer of innovative contemporary art in Tasmania by providing diverse inspirational opportunities for artists and audiences.

Core Values

Leadership means that we have the courage to take risks. The qualities of our leadership are ambition, independence, stewardship and support.
Provision of creative space means that we give ourselves and others the time, space and resources to maximise their creative outcomes.
Contemporaneity distinguishes us from others as much as it connects us. We are aware of our environment and seek out connection and collaboration just as we value innovation and experimentation.
Professionalism is vital to our practice. Our organisation must be professionally run and it must seek to nurture this quality in others. This involves dedication, integration, reflexiveness, improvement and effectiveness.


  • Be an Innovative Arts Leader
A vital organisation that is resonant with its environment, challenges public perceptions, enhances visual literacy and delivers cutting edge outcomes
  • Be Known and Esteemed
Occupy a prominent position in the minds of the art-interested public locally and nationally and be esteemed for the quality of our performance and impact
  • Be a Professional Organisation
A resilient, professionally run organisation with sound sustainable processes that can flexibly respond to opportunities and challenges
  • Have Relationships that Benefit
Be skilled at initiating and sustaining key relationships and partnerships to achieve our organisational goals
  • Be Resource Rich
Be good at generating the income and attracting the people necessary to match our ambition of being at the forefront of contemporary art delivery